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Hey, Anthony Morrison here I wanted to tell you how I recently earned .8M in Affiliate Commissions WITHOUT using Clickbank.

Now, someone recently asked me in the comments why I’m always saying “Without Clickbank” in my videos…

First of all, Clickbank the most searched for Affiliate Network on Youtube so it helps my rankings. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Second, I want to show people that while Clickbank is a GREAT opportunity to make money online and work from home, there are other high-converting programs that aren’t as saturated. Meaning, there is far less competition selling the same product.

But most important, I wanted to share a new twist on doing Affiliate Marketing that is MUCH different than what most people are doing these days.

See, most Affiliate Marketers sell products that provide information so they create ads or make posts or record videos to help them sell this info.

My strategy is different. I sell products that allow me to give information away for FREE. This is truly how you “lead with value” and it’s the cornerstone of my entire affiliate business.

Watch today’s video to learn how it’s done, then click the link above to my new training that allows you to plug yourself into my system and do the exact same thing I’m teaching you on this video.


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